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The location of Univ’s visionary North Oxford development has been a second home for students for 50 years. The new Univ North development will offer the College’s community of staff, students and academics modern, energy-efficient, multi-functional buildings for accommodation, gym, café and children’s nursery. All within a beautifully landscaped garden setting.

The Univ North scheme will include new energy efficient buildings, with up to 150 study bedspaces, gym, café, study, and meeting spaces, as well as nursery provision. The scheme will renovate existing buildings, rejuvenate heritage orchards, and offer beautifully landscaped gardens. Working together, Univ will provide the College community with thoughtful design, which encompasses the benefits of natural light and an appealing landscape, together with accessible access, routes and rooms. This continues Univ’s aim to provide the very best facilities for students, staff and academics.

Valerie Amos“Univ North is transformational for Univ, enabling us to further realise our ambitions with respect to academic excellence, diversity and inclusion. Generous support from our alumni has made this project possible. It will enhance the experience of our students and benefit our whole community.”
Valerie Amos, Master

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The development site is located in North Oxford between Staverton Road to the north, Banbury Road to the east, Rawlinson Road to the south and Woodstock Road to the west.

Univ students have been living on this site since as far back as 1973.

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