Disability Support

Please note: Current students can find detailed information on sources of disability support under Student Welfare on the college intranet.

Univ strives to be a diverse and inclusive environment in which all students have the opportunity to succeed.

We welcome students with disabilities into Univ and work closely with them to reduce any barriers during the application process and to their full participation in College life as a Univ student.

Any student who is diagnosed with a substantial and long-term physical impairment, a social or communication impairment (such as Autistic Spectrum Condition or Asperger’s Syndrome), a mental health condition, and/or a Specific Learning Difference (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia) may fall within the definition of disability. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be disabled, you are encouraged to tell us if you have any of these conditions so that you can benefit from the support available.

If you tell us that you have a disability, we will make appropriate reasonable adjustments to support your individual needs so that you are able to access both your studies and other aspects of College life. We work in liaison with the University’s Disability Advisory Service to ensure that the support offered is right for you.

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Information detailing the report and findings of the University of Oxford’s Estates Services Accessibility Adviser can be found on our Accessibility at Univ page.

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