Opportunity Programme

Univ has launched an ambitious new scheme – the Opportunity Programme – to expand the number of UK students from disadvantaged backgrounds at the college.

About the Opportunity Programme

A Message from the Master


How does the Programme work?

How many extra student places will be available?

What criteria does Univ use to select students for the Programme?

When did the Opportunity Programme start?

Do students need to make a separate application in order to be considered for the Programme?

Do UCAS referees need to do anything different from the norm?

Are students who are allocated to Univ through either the Open Application scheme or through the University’s moderation processes eligible for place through the scheme?

If I make an application for deferred entry will I still be considered for the Programme?

Is the Opportunity Programme open to students applying for any subject?

Am I eligible for the programme if I am an international student?

What will the bridging programme consist of?

Does the bridging course really make a difference?

Does the bridging programme cost students anything?

Why has Univ launched this scheme?

How does the Opportunity Programme fit into Univ’s wider work with school students?

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