Lodge & Porters

The Lodge is both the security and information hub of the College, monitoring alarms, safeguarding keys, receiving and sending mail, directing visitors and generally providing information. The Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most of the year. When the porter is away from the lodge, he is available on mobile telephone number 0777 5764117.

“The Lodge and the porters are what make College a home as opposed to a series of rooms.” – Hannah, Medicine

The porters are a crucial part of College life – combining the expert knowledge of a concierge with the practical knowhow needed to help students, both new and returning, through their time at Univ. Lost keys – a rite of passage for most students – can be dealt with easily, as can directions to the furthest flung corners of College, or information on local transport and amenities. When the porters aren’t effortlessly combining the roles of custodian, oracle and all-seeing eye they also look after Percy the Univ tortoise. The Lodge can be reached on extension 76602.

In various combinations in the Lodge you will find: Head Porter Michael Park, Deputy Head Porter Steve Moody, Porters Aiden Gillett and Paulina Mascianica, Night Porters Ali Karimi and Filipe Barbosa, and Weekend Porters Julian Favara and Oliver Ball (plus, of course, Percy the tortoise.)

The Lodge sells a wide variety of products central to life as a Univ student; these include:

• Stamps
• Bike lights and locks
• Packing boxes
• Lanyards for Bod Cards
• Univ gifts and souvenirs

The Porters also arrange and manage storage during vacations and students with bikes can also make use of the Bob’s Bikes cycle marking scheme via the Univ intranet.

“They’re basically the go-to people for solving immediate problems in College.” – Max, History


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