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The term “Fellow” is commonly used in Oxford to refer to senior academic and administrative members of a College; Univ has several different classes of Fellowship. Further details can be found on the Univ Academics A-Z pages.

Tutorial Fellows have primary responsibility for teaching undergraduates in their subject; they are employed jointly by the College and a Faculty of the University and are all active researchers in their fields. They are all members of the College’s Governing Body.

Professorial Fellows are the holders of Statutory Chairs, the most senior professorships in the University. They are all members of the College’s Governing Body.

Supernumerary Fellows and Senior Research Fellows are all senior members of a Faculty of the University who also have an official association with the College. They hold their Fellowship in virtue of their distinction in research or, in a few cases, their senior administrative responsibilities in the University or College, and contribute to the work of the College in a variety of ways. They are generally not members of Governing Body.

Junior Research Fellows are post-doctoral researchers based at the College; some also teach undergraduates.

Emeritus Fellowships are awarded to Fellows of the College who have held office for at least fifteen years before retiring post, or for at least twenty years before resigning. Emeritus Fellows often remain active in research.

Honorary Fellowships are awarded to those who have achieved distinction in academia or public life. Almost all have a prior association with the College as former students or Fellows.

Finally, Foundation Fellowships are awarded to those individuals who have made exceptional benefactions to the College, with donations in excess of £1 million. Foundation Fellows receive special recognition in the College’s Roll of Donors and annual Record (see our Publications page), and are invited to the College’s annual Feast of St Cuthbert.

Univ’s current Tutorial Fellows, Professorial Fellows, Supernumerary Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Senior Officers, Junior Research Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, Honorary Fellows, and Foundation Fellows are detailed below.


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