New Students

From this page new students, both undergraduates and graduates, can access the University College Freshers’ Welcome Packs.

Please Note: Information on this page is for students beginning in 2021; relevant students will be emailed at the point we wish them to complete any actions. If you have navigated here but have not yet had an email from us asking you to complete the forms, it is possible that further updates may be made, so you are advised to await such an email before acting.

In addition to information found here and across the Univ website you may also wish to keep up to date via our main social media channels which are detailed on our Social Media page. Once you have been issued with your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO, details below), you can also access up-to-date information and a range of services, including meal bookings, via the Univ Intranet.

Our Handbook of Regulations and Handbook of Information are available on our Student Information page and further policies and regulations can be viewed on our Policy Document page.

You should also familiarise yourself with the plans the University has put in place to mitigate the risks arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Up to date information for new students is available on a dedicated page of the University Website. This page may continue to update periodically, so we advise you to continue to refer to it over the coming weeks.

Undergraduate Welcome Pack

Graduate Welcome Pack

Single Sign On (SSO)

Contact Univ

If you have any questions or need more information, just ask: