Staircase12 Book Box

Univ’s Staircase12 Book Box project is designed to improve students’ access to physical resources to help them explore their subject interests further.

Up to thirty participating schools will receive a delivery of books which they can loan out to students to support super-curricular exploration. The included books have been specifically recommended by tutors here at Univ to help students engage with their subjects of interest beyond the syllabus. For more information about why exploring your subject interests beyond school is important see our Explore your Subject page.

Each book in the book box is accompanied by a tutor-written review, which seeks to help students get the very most out of their reading. Our reviews contain useful advice on how to engage with the resources, questions that students may wish to consider as they read, and top tips for exploring the subject further. These are designed to complement the online suggestions available on Staircase 12, Univ’s virtual learning hub for students to explore beyond the syllabus.

Books selected as part of the Staircase12 Book Box are aimed at students aged 14 years old and will cover a range of subjects covering Physical, Mathematical and Medical Sciences and Humanities.  They will be useful for students as they consider which subject(s) they would like to apply for at University and to engage with those subjects as they prepare a university application.

These books can be stored anywhere in schools, sixth forms and colleges where students are able to access them. Please note that institutions do not need a library to receive resources from us – having a book box in common areas or storing the books in the relevant subject classrooms would be very suitable.

This project is primarily aimed at state schools in the College’s link regions of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Telford and the Wrekin and Shropshire.  If you are a teacher at a state school and would like to hear more about the Staircase12 Book Box and eligibility criteria please do get in touch – E:

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