The Weir Common Room

WCR Exterior - the Mitchell BuildingWelcome to Univ’s Middle Common Room (MCR) also known as the Weir Common Room or WCR! All graduate students at University College are automatically a member of the WCR and members of the current 2022-23 WCR Committee have provided the information on this page to introduce you to who we are and what we do.

The WCR has a double meaning: it refers to the graduate body of students at University College and also to the physical space in the College where graduate students can relax and socialise. It is an engaging and diverse community of early-researchers consisting around 150 members across all year groups and subjects. Whether you are here for a one/two-year Masters programme or a DPhil programme we do hope you choose to get involved with college life!

The WCR has a committee of graduate students (you can find the details of the committee members below), whose role is to serve, advocate for and represent the interests of the graduate student body within the College and the University. The aforementioned services range from running fun social events, such as BOPs (informal parties) and quiz nights, to providing welfare support and promoting environmental awareness. The WCR committee changes every year, with elections held in Hilary Term.

No matter whether you are a current or prospective Univ graduate student, below you will find all the essential information related to the WCR. Get to know the committee members and the WCR building, or learn about our upcoming events and the welfare support available to students.

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