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UCBC newsletter HT23

W1 rowing over at Head of the River on Thursday of Torpids.

Women’s Headship. Don’t worry, you haven’t accidentally opened last Trinity’s newsletter, they’ve just done it again.

With that headline announced, I hope you are all doing well and are strapped in and ready to hear about the successes of Hilary Term. This is going to be brief from me, as the majority of the excitement occurred at Torpids which I’m sure will be covered extensively by the captains in their individual reports.

As you may have gathered, it was a hugely successful Torpids for the women’s side, with W1 bumping up to headship and making the job of remembering their position in the Eights/Torpids bumps charts that much easier. Alongside this, W2 also bumped up to 35th on the river (11th in Div 3) retaining their title as the second highest second boat. W3 had a slightly rougher times of things, but it’s not always about the results, it’s the friends we make along the way.

There was plenty of success to be had on the men’s side as well. Building off the back of last Torpids’ four-bumps-up-three-thanks-ourcs campaign, M1 saw themselves starting at 9th in Div 1. The whole week proved to be little more than a formality, however, with M1 easily securing the four bumps they needed for blades and reserving “rowing through the gut” as a job for the paddle home. With it being so long since M1 has secured blades in Torpids, this has raised some questions about what changed this year compared to the last few – a question this president does not care to inspect too closely. It does, however, leave M1 5th on the river (their highest position since 1996) a prospect which some call “headship potential” and the women call “breakfast”. A similarly dominant performance was delivered by M2, who obtained blades for the second year on the trot and finish 38th on the river, their highest position since 2008. M3 had a slightly rougher times of things, but it’s not always about the results, it’s the friends we make along the way.

M2 racing at the Head of the River Race (HORR) in London

M2 racing at the Head of the River Race (HORR) in London.

Alongside Torpids, Hilary Term also saw some external action, with W1 putting in a fantastic performance at Women’s Head of the River and with both M1 and M2 putting in great rows at Men’s Head. W1 (plus a few Martlet Club subs) finished 103rd out of 305 crews, finishing as the fastest Oxford college crew and the third fastest Oxbridge crew. With their current trajectory it’s only a matter of time until they are head of that river as well. It was a similar story for Men’s Head, with M1 (bolstered by a few Wolfson subs) finishing as the fastest Oxford college crew and the second fastest Oxbridge crew. M2 might have been the most stand out performance, however, composed of 100% organic univ talent, they beat out many of the college M1s and were only nine seconds off last year’s headship winners, Oriel.

Off the water, the end of January once again saw the annual Dinos and Cassies dinner. As always it was an excellent to see so many Univ Blazers back in Oxford and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did. As last year, the dinner was held at Vincent’s Club and then post dinner refreshments were enjoyed in the Univ Bar. It is currently unclear whether this will be the same case going forward. I am hoping to discuss the options with college and so if you are willing to contribute your opinions please fill in this google form if you have time.

In further alumni news, the Martlet Club is still on the lookout for members. Whether you are in and around Oxford looking to train consistently or you are further afield looking to do one race a year and relive the glory days, I’m sure the club can provide you something of value. For more information, please visit the website.

Finally, for those of you who find yourselves with an excess of capital and a dearth of eponymous boats there are three shells in our fleet that are unclaimed – a heavyweight men’s single, a heavyweight men’s pair and a women’s/ lightweight men’s pair. If you would be interested in securing your UCBC legacy and purchasing the naming rights to one of these boats please get in touch (ucbc.president@univ.ox.ac.uk) and we can discuss an exact price but we are anticipating around £2000 per boat. That’s pretty much all from me, again, hope everyone is well and looking forward to seeing many of you back for Summer Eights (24-27 May)!

Andy Bridger – President 2022-2023

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From the Men's Captain

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Bedford Regatta –7 May
Summer VIII’s – 24-27 May
Leander Lunch – 3 June
Metropolitan Regatta – 3-4 June
Marlow Regatta – 17 June
Henley Women’s Regatta – 16-18 June
Henley Royal Regatta – 27 June – 2 July

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Published: 4 April 2023

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