The College has a number of policies, procedures and regulations to guide it; you can access them on our Policy Documents page. Additionally you may wish to read the College Statutes and College Regulations (all PDFs, opening in new windows.)

University College, like all the colleges of the University of Oxford, is an autonomous self-governing institution. There is a Governing Body and details of current Members can be viewed in this Governing Body PDF.

The College has charitable status and the members of the Governing Body are Trustees of the charity. The unreserved minutes of the Governing Body will be viewable online shortly.

The College also has a number of committees, including the Academic Committee, General Purposes Committee, Development Committee and Finance Committee. The membership of these smaller groups is representative of the Fellowship of the College and is approved annually by the Governing Body. These committees each focus on specific areas and make recommendations to the Governing Body to inform its decision-making. Details of Officers and Committee Members can be found on the Intranet (login required).

The Governing Body and a number of the committees have representatives from the JCR and WCR and the contribution that junior members make is highly-valued.


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