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UCBC newsletter MT22

UCBC senior squad

I Hope this reaches everyone warm and well. Michaelmas term has been a great success and the new committee have done a fantastic job getting the season off to a strong start. Without wanting to step on the toes of any of the individual reports, the term has been filled with high-quality performances, from both the senior and novices, and from both the men and the women.

Michaelmas, as always, has been a very novice-centred term, with many of the seniors getting involved in coaching, helping our eager newcomers along their journeys’ to becoming seasoned rowers. The most material success of the term was the first novice men’s boat, who defended Univ MNA’s title at Nephthys Regatta, however, all the crews put in great rows, reaping the rewards of a well-structured and well-executed term of training. We look forwards to seeing them all folded into the armada of senior crews that will be turned out for Torpids.

Meanwhile, the seniors have been having been knocking it out of the park as well, with huge results at Autumn Fours, Fours Head and Fairbairn’s. Both W1 and M1 made their respective finals at Autumn Fours, with the women capitalising and taking home the victory, and the men delivering a strong second place. Fours Head also saw an overwhelming Univ presence, with six boats entered (three Men’s Academic 4+s, two Women’s Academic 4+s and a Martlet Club Women’s Club 4x-), the most of any Oxbridge college.

The Men’s first crew (A) came 9th out of 20, beating some Oxford lightweights, as well as some of M1’s usual antagonists like Southampton (2nd and 3rd fours), Exeter (3rd four) and York (2nd four). The Women’s fours also had some great times, with both crews beating the only other Oxford college crew of Green Templeton BC. Additionally, Fours head got the inaugural season for the Martlet Boat Club off to a good start, with them winning their local derby, beating the Oxford Academicals in the coxless quad (more info on the website, univboatclub.com, for anyone interested in joining).

Finally, the end of the term saw a comparably large Univ force descending on enemy waters, with crews entering the Fairbairn’s cup in Cambridge. The Univ women came 8th out of 13 Senior Women’s 4+s, as well as entering an 8+ which came 42nd out of 46, and the men placed 18th and 41st (of 64) in the Senior 8+ category.

In addition to all the fantastic rowing, the club saw a return to form in the social calendar. October welcomed back the Leander Lunch, organised by our hosts Ron Jordan and Richard Powles, which was by all accounts a thoroughly enjoyable occasion and offered a great opportunity to celebrate some of the club’s recent successes (I’m not sure if anyone mentioned in the previous newsletter, but W1 won headship for the first time in history – it was kind of a big deal). As well as the Leander lunch there have been many of the other familiar activities that make UCBC more than just a sports team, with pub crawls, all-you-can-eat buffets, quizzes and Christmas parties keeping those who are less erg-inclined just as busy as the rest of the club.

As always, I’d like to thank everyone who supports the club, and who allow us to have great terms like this, year-in-year-out. I’d like to thank college and all the FoUCBC for the financial support, but also all of you reading, for staying invested in the wellbeing of the boat club. I’d especially like to thank everyone who throws us an emphatic “Yeah Univ” when we’re out and about, it always improves a regatta knowing there are some friendly faces about.

Finally, for those of you who are expecting D&Cs invitations, they should have all been sent out, if you haven’t received yours, drop me an email

Andy Bridger – President 2022-2023

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Key Dates 2023 

Martlet Regatta – 28 January
Dinos & Cassies Dinner – 28 January
Bedford Head – 12 February
Torpids – 22-25 February
WEHORR – 4 March
HORR – 18 March
Summer VIII’s – 24-27 May
Eights Dinner – 27 May
Met Regatta – 4 June
Marlow Regatta – 17 June
Henley Women’s Regatta – 16-18 June
Henley Royal Regatta – 27 June – 2 July

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Published: 21 December 2022

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