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Artwork at Univ North

The Univ North development is now well underway, with hoardings already in position on the Banbury Road. To enhance the area directly facing the Fairfield Residential Home, a local artist, Layla Cope, has teamed up with residents and staff at Fairfield to create a beautiful mural.

Chair of Trustees of Fairfield Residential Home, Dr John Guy, said, “Layla has been an inspiration to us all helping us achieve our vision of an exceptionally happy home where residents enjoy a fulfilling later life.”

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The mural spans 10m and depicts a senior couple arm-in-arm with herons and robins in front of a lake lined by trees, poppies, and sunflowers.

An event was held to mark the unveiling of the mural with residents and staff from the Fairfield Residential Home. Attendees enjoyed refreshments while watching the artwork come to life as Layla finished the painting. Residents also tried their hand at painting on individual canvases. University College’s construction contractor, SDC, set up the event and joined in the celebrations.

Artist, Layla, said upon completing the mural, “It was a great challenge, but it has been a wonderful experience working with the residents of Fairfield. They have all taken a keen interest and, as the work progressed, they even suggested elements they would like me to add. The robin nestling in a tree was to remind one resident of a recently deceased relative.”

Layla has been working with the Fairfield Residential Home and their creative team at several events over the past year.

Farid Zadeh, SDC Project Manager for the scheme, commented, “It has been particularly rewarding to work with the residents and staff of Fairfield. At SDC we try to develop good relationships with all neighbours. This is another example of the collaboration and teamwork of which we are so proud.”

The Univ North team would like to give special thanks to the residents and staff of Fairfield Residential Home for their on-going support, and for taking part and helping to create this wonderful artwork.

See the hoarding before and after with the interactive slider below:

You can follow Layla on Instagram @laylas.murals

You can read more about the College’s vision for its complementary community, and our latest developments, on the Univ North page or read all of our Univ North News.

Published: 16 August 2023

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