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Univ North – Buildings up

Univ North Water Court West – west elevation

Water Court West – west elevation

Spring is in full swing, and activity on-site is moving at pace. We’re delighted to share that our cross laminated timber (CLT) framing for Water Court West is up. It’s been quite remarkable how quickly this has happened.

We asked Scott Walker, Univ’s Project Manager, what this means for the Univ North scheme:

“It’s been great to see these above ground structures take shape. When you visit the site, perhaps on the next Univ North Hard Hat Tour, you’ll be able to see the completed cross laminated timber structure of Water Court West, which will soon be having brick work put up around the frame. Some of the windows and doors are being installed as we speak, and the waterproofing layer for the roof is due to be installed this week. The plasterboarding and first fix for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) installation is also underway. In addition, we expect the CLT frame for Water Court East to be completed in June, with the external brickwork following on.

Water Court West and East cross laminated timber construction

Water Court West and East cross laminated timber construction

“One of our aims for the project is for our buildings to operate with a reduced carbon footprint. Instead of installing new gas connections we are installing a new electric substation and equipment to power and heat the new buildings, and so far, the substation base has been concreted in readiness.

“Our new nursery building is also progressing well, the roof is on, and the roof insulation and covering is underway. The underfloor heating has been installed, screeded and the plasterboarding has commenced. The MEP installation has also begun.

“It’s really exciting for us to see these developments, and work should begin on Woodstock Pavilion in the near future. Our building contractor, SDC, recently held a second ‘Meet the Builder’ event for local neighbours and we look forward to sharing more information about the progress on site in the coming months.”

Please view our Univ North Photo Book to see more about the progress of our Univ North development.

Published: 14 May 2024

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