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Due to the large number of unused bikes around College the Lodge undertakes a semi-regular “bike cull”.

Could those who have bikes around Main Site, Staverton and Harberton Mead:

1 – Make sure that if you still use your bike it is registered for the “Bob’s Bikes scheme” and that the sticker is clearly displayed – details of registration can be found on the intranet

2 – If you neither use your bike or don’t want it anymore and it’s still rideable, then either let the Lodge know or give it to another student that is in need of a bike

3 – Collect a marking ziptie from the lodge and attach it to your front handle bar (Do not remove the ziptie until told to in a future email)

After the deadline of Friday 22 February, if the above actions have not been taken, bikes without a marking ziptie will be removed and either scrapped or given away on a first come first serve basis. College will not be held responsible for any bikes removed that were not tagged with a ziptie but were still being used.

Please address any questions to the Lodge – lodge@univ.ox.ac.uk

Published: 28 January 2019

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