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Latest alumni publications

Cover of Women in the WarWe are delighted to present a look at the incredible range of recent Alumni publications.

Lucy Fisher’s (2007, Classics) second book is due out in autumn 2021. Women in the War weaves together the oral histories often remarkable women who dedicated their young adulthood to the war effort.

Brian Allgar (1962, English), author of The Ayterzedd, published his second book, An Answer from the Past. The author hopes that it will sell at least as well as his first book, which actually reached double figures.

Paul Armstrong (1984, PPE), former Match of the Day editor, published his second book, Why Are We Always Indoors? (…unless we’re off to Barnard Castle), a personal chronicle of the strangest football close season in modern history.

A new monograph titled Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Punctually: An Impossible Remit? by Dr Graeme Baber (1987, Medicine) was published in December 2020.

Cover of Saving Sick BritainDr Martin Yuille (1966, Biochemistry) MA, PhD, FRCPath, Honorary Reader at the University of Manchester, published Saving Sick Britain: Why we need the Health Society, with Bill Ollier, in February 2021.

The Other Woman by Amanda Brookfield (1979, English) was published on 13 October. The novel, about two women, connected – but not defined by – one man, is Amanda’s 17th and has been described as “an emotional page-turner.”

Dr John Godwin FRSA (1973, Classics) published Juvenal: Satires Book V. Juvenal’s fifth and final book of Satires continues and completes his satirical assessment of the Rome of the early second century AD.

Owen Jones (2002, History), published This Land: The Struggle for the Left, a page-turning journey through a tumultuous decade in British politics.

Cover of InscapeDr Nicolas Kyriakides (2011, Law) published a book entitled, Cyprus Banking Law, a complete guide to the functioning of the Cypriot public and private banking system.

Professor Julian Lindley-French (1976, History), strategic analyst, author, speaker and commentator, published Future War and the Defence of Europe.

Inscape is the debut novel of Louise Carey (2010, English), and has been described as “cyberpunk rebooted”, offering a “chillingly plausible dystopian future.”

Rebecca F Kuang’s (2019, Contemporary Chinese Studies) latest book is The Burning God, the exciting end to The Poppy War epic fantasy trilogy.

Professor Fabrizio Nevola (1989, History and Modern Languages), Chair in Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter, published Street Life in Renaissance Italy in November 2020.

Published: 2 June 2021

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