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Celebrating John Allen

John Allen's birthday cakeOn 8 December Univ held a luncheon in celebration of the 90th birthday of John Allen, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and a select group of his family and friends. Professor Allen turned 90 on 6 December.

He studied at Liverpool and worked in Harwell, Rome and Frascati before moving back to the UK. In 1964 he went to Cambridge on the invitation of WR Hawthorne (later Master of Churchill College) but soon decided that Oxford was the place to be, owing to the greater interest in Plasma Physics here.

Since 1965, Professor Allen has been a member of Univ (53 years!) and he served on Governing body for 31 years from his arrival at Univ to 1996. His present work is a theoretical study of dust particles in tokamaks.

Published: 10 January 2019

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