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Untold Histories of Ordinary Women

Image with "Oxford University Africa Society presents" and two female figuresIsaac Agyiri Danso (2019, MPP) is helping to organise an exhibition, “Pathfinders, Enablers and Matriarchs: Untold Histories of Ordinary Women”, in the final weekend of May. The exhibition is part of the series A History of Ordinary People in Africa (HOPIA), a cultural heritage project undertaken by the Oxford University Africa Society in partnership with Fusion Arts Oxford and funded by TORCH as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, and the Oxford African Studies Centre.

The Pathfinders, Enablers, and Matriarchs whose histories take central stage in this exhibition are but a handful of a myriad of women from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds who not only managed to carve a space for themselves amidst turbulent circumstances but also provided a nurturing environment for their descendants to thrive.

Family histories like “Flourishing after the Drought” and “The Girl from Pepease” take us behind the curtains of the lived experiences of women assuming multiple roles as mothers, mentors, breadwinners, small scale traders, and community leaders. What these family histories unveil are touching accounts of personal sacrifices, resilience, hopes and aspirations of everyday Ghanaian women.  We invite you to navigate this space to discover and reflect on true stories of Women and Societal Change, Women and Heritage and Women, Family and Entrepreneurship told by the very people whose lives they positively impacted. Join us in spotlighting, hailing, and celebrating the extraordinary lives of ordinary women in Ghana.

Isaac was a Standard Bank Africa, Chairman’s Scholar during his Master’s of Public Policy at Univ. Prior to studying at Oxford, he qualified as Ghana’s youngest ever chartered accountant, coming first nationally in the accountancy exams. He was also ranked national best in the Ghana bar examination in 2017.

A special event, with a limited capacity, will take place on Sunday 29 May between 2pm and 6pm. The exhibition will be freely visitable on both Saturday afternoon (2-6pm on 28 May), and Sunday morning and afternoon (10am-6pm on 29 May).

You can book tickets here.

Published: 13 May 2022

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