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Univ entrepreneurs: Nina Wilson

smiling woman in a pink jacket at a desk with a laptopIn the latest of this series we invited some of Univ’s entrepreneurs to talk about what inspires them and how they got started on their entrepreneurial journey.

Dr Nina Wilson (1998 MA Physiological Sciences) is the CEO and Founder of One Woman Health, an online clinic dedicated to the health of women in midlife.

After a brief spell in pharmaceutical research, I qualified as a doctor and then, alongside clinical practice, joined the world ofdigital health start-ups. I helped a number of companies set up their digital clinical business operations from scratch until one day, I decided I was going to do it for myself!

One Woman Health is an online clinic specialising in the health and wellbeing of women in midlife. We work with individuals and corporates, taking care of their senior female leaders. If there’s one theme in mid-life it’s overload. The women I speak to are busy, successful and spinning a lot of plates. Prioritising their own health is difficult, and then menopause hits. Evidence shows that too many women are forced to step back or even leave the workplace instead of progressing as they deserve because the support that would make the difference isn’t available. People can only perform at their best if they are feeling healthy and well. We provide specialist care for menopause plus a whole wrap-around service optimising physical, emotional and psychological health.

Arriving at Univ was a breath of fresh air. Coming from a state background, being successful academically (especially as a female) was not considered “cool”. I’d had to self-censor for the best part of 14 years. Suddenly, the brakes were off and it was liberating.

The sheer number of opportunities on offer allowed me to explore and challenge myself in new ways. Univ was a place which promoted exposure to a range of ideas. Living in College meant making friends beyond one’s own subject. I enjoyed a trip to the Univ Chalet and was President of the Dornford Yates dining society. A theme of both of these is to foster the cross-pollination of ideas by bringing together people who might not ordinarily mix.

As a founder, I have to step into worlds where I am not the expert – software, product, commercial, investment. This experience has given me the confidence and curiosity to enjoy this rather than be intimidated by it.

The best part of being a founder is the freedom to create and deliver something in line with your values. Equality – levelling the playing field for women – is a key driver for me. When women tell me they’ve felt heard for the first time and that they feel like themselves again, that’s success.

Web: onewomanhealth.com
Facebook: Onewomanhealth
Instagram: @onewomanhealth

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Published: 11 September 2023

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