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Meet the Univ North architects

More than 100 people, including Old Members and friends of the College, academics, students and staff, “attended” the virtual architects’ talk on 8 September. In addition to our UK audience, we were delighted to welcome Old Members from New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Singapore and Norway. We would like to thank all those who tuned in.

The talk was an opportunity to find out more about the College’s exceptional Univ North development from two people who are involved in bringing the project to fruition: Níall McLaughlin, architect, and Kim Wilkie, landscape architect. Níall and Kim discussed the ideas and inspiration behind the designs, and displayed some of the plans and renderings for the new development in Univ North.

Níall McLaughlin

Níall McLaughlin

The talk and subsequent Q&A covered topics ranging from the low “carbon store” of the materials that will be used in the buildings, how the architectural designs were inspired by Victorian Gothic and Edwardian architecture and the history of market gardens in North Oxford. We heard about the consideration that was given to how residents move around the site, with paths connecting each of the spaces, including cut-throughs that mirror the one on the main College site between Main Quad and Radcliffe Quad.

Kim Wilkie

Kim Wilkie

There were also discussions about the cross-generational aspect of the development, access across the site and in the buildings, and the capacity for wildlife in the series of garden spaces created by the new buildings and planting, including the distinction between long grass that will attract wildlife and mown grass for the lawns.

A video of the full event, the presentation, and the Q&A – in addition to an audio-only download of the Q&A – are available below.

Further details about the Univ North project can be viewed on our dedicated Univ North page.

You can download the Univ North app to view a 3D tour of the new development on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

We have created a limited number of our own branded VR headsets to view the 3D tour on, which we can post to you free of charge (please email development@univ.ox.ac.uk) but, as these are limited in number, please also note that they may be purchased online from a range of retailers including Amazon.

Published: 22 September 2020

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