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American Political Science Association

Nina Yancy - Travel Report 2Old Members Trust Travel Grant Report – Nina Yancy

My trip to the American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco this summer was a highlight of my DPhil so far. As mentioned in my application to the OMT, this was my first major academic conference outside of Oxford—and as I had hoped, it gave me insight into the US political science world that has been hard to gain from afar.

My paper presentation on the first morning of the conference was a great chance to get feedback and discuss my work with other researchers who have very similar interests. Beyond that, the many panels, roundtables, receptions, and other events offered an opportunity to learn about new research related to both my subfield and the discipline more broadly—a chance to see political science “in action.” I was particularly happy to reconnect with colleagues from my MPhil, senior academics I had previously met or hosted in Oxford, and old professors of mine from Harvard. It was also a special experience for me to meet other American political scientists who come from underrepresented backgrounds.

Nina Yancy - Travel Report 1The generosity of Univ’s Old Members was instrumental in making this trip happen. It is no small distance to travel to get to San Francisco, but my time at APSA gave me a new sense of what it might be like to be an academic back in my home country. The conference was challenging, energizing, and inspiring, and I have returned to Oxford with excitement about getting back into work.

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Published: 12 September 2017

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