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AGU 2019 conference

Univ Grace Manley Travel ReportOld Members’ Trust Travel Report – Grace Manley

In December 2019 I travelled to San Francisco to attend the American Geophysical Union Conference (AGU). AGU was far bigger than any other conference which I have previously attended, with over 25,000 people expected to be in attendance.

I presented a talk on the first part of my DPhil project using machine learning to classify eruptive and non-eruptive behaviour in volcanic systems. These classifications can help us to understand the timing of the end of volcanic eruptions, which currently do not have a physically motivated definition. From studying two volcanoes with different eruption styles (Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia and Telica in Nicaragua), our models classified eruptive activity with better agreement of visual eruption than volcanic databases.

As well as the presentation, I also had the chance to meet with collaborators based in the USA and discuss current and future plans for my DPhil. Around the conference, I took the opportunity to see the city and do some “geotourism” in Corona Heights Park, which has a spectacular outcrop of a fault surface complete with slickenslides.

I am very grateful to the Old Members’ Trust for funding this trip to San Francisco.

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Published: 27 February 2020

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