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NeurIPS conference

Univ Clare Lyle Travel ReportOld Members’ Trust Graduate Travel Fund Report – Clare Lyle, DPhil Computer Science

In Michaelmas 2019 I was delighted to be awarded funding to attend NeurIPS, the machine learning community’s largest annual conference, held in Vancouver, Canada.

In computer science, most publication occurs via conference proceedings, and so presenting at conferences is crucial for progressing one’s academic career. One paper I collaborated on was featured in the main conference proceedings, and I presented more recent work related to my DPhil at a workshop where I received valuable feedback from other researchers in the field.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet other people working on similar problems to me, and to catch up with collaborators from abroad. I’m extremely grateful to Univ for providing funding to cover the cost of the conference registration.

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Published: 21 February 2020

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