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1249 Luncheon

1249 LuncheonMembers of the 1249 Society were warmly welcomed for a luncheon at the Univ Boat Club to meet like-minded old members and College friends on Saturday 1 June.

Amidst the general Summer VIIIs festivities Margaret Chamberlain (1979, Jurisprudence) shared her experiences as a student from the first female cohort in the College. Despite having arrived with no interest in or knowledge of rowing, she unexpectedly found that after a conversation at the Freshers’ Dinner she had become the first woman member of the College Boat Club. She founded the Women’s Boat Club and established the Cassandrians as the counterpart to the Dinosaurs dining society. The Women’s Boat Club has a boat named after her, which was kindly donated by Lord Moynihan and Andrew Ayres QC.

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Photo Credit: Sam Cornish

Published: 18 June 2019

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