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Oncology student in Osiris

Univ Linda van BijsterveldtLinda van Bijsterveldt (2017, DPhil Oncology) rowed in the Oxford University Women’s Reserve Boat at the Boat Race on Sunday 7 April. It was a hard-fought race with the Osiris boat eventually losing despite their best efforts.

Linda is currently working on new treatments to target gene instability in cancer. Prior to undertaking her DPhil, Linda studied for a Master’s at Oxford in Oncology Research. During this time, she got involved with the University’s Women’s Lightweight Boat Club for the first time. She was also previously a member of Leiden University’s rowing club when she was an undergraduate there.

Linda discussed the journey that led to her to race in the Osiris Boat:

“I first tried to race in the Boat Race in 2018, but unfortunately endured a season-ending rib injury two days before I was meant to sit on the start line. I was very determined to come back for another year with the Oxford University Women’s Boat Club (OUWBC) and I feel lucky and excited I got to race in Osiris, the women’s reserve crew, only a week ago now.

“The women’s team at Oxford is fortunate enough to have a team of phenomenal coaches and support staff, that have come up with a great physical (both on the ergs and on the water) and mental training programme. I think it is a privilege to study at a University that supports and allows their students to combine rigorous academics with twice-a-day training, all to participate in a tradition that started over 180 years ago, and to join the select group of extraordinary Oxford women who helped get OUWBC and women’s sports to where we are today. It required a lot of passion, determination, and hard work to do another season whilst staying on top of my academic work, and even though it was painful to end our race on a loss, I do believe it will be a memory of Oxford I will keep with me forever.”

You can follow Linda’s work in oncology and rowing adventures on Twitter, @LBijsterveldt.

Published: 17 April 2019

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