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Where There’s a Will

Univ’s Will Hakim coxing the Oxford Men’s boat to victoryUniv’s Will Hakim coxed the Oxford Men’s boat to victory on Saturday, beating the rival Cambridge crew by a massive six lengths! It was a truly outstanding performance.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Will said:

“I really value the ability to do my academic work and coxing and it was those two things, the coxing a good boat and being able to do my research, made Oxford a no-brainer. My supervisors have been great, they’ve really helped me do my research, and I hope to do a PhD at some point in the future and to stay in the area of Chinese literature.”

Many Univ students went down to London to support Will, and many more students, staff and alumni cheered him on via TV and social media!

For the first time ever, the Oxford Women’s boat competing on the same course and on the same day as the men’s… and also winning by a significant margin. Well done to all of the Oxford crews!

Published: 13 April 2015

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