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What’s entertaining you?

Univ PopcornIn these strange days we are all looking for some distraction, light relief, or good ‘ol fashioned entertainment, but it appears there are only so many reruns of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that retain their therapeutic value (it’s four, we’ve counted.) Or how about that book that we’ve always intended to read; I’m looking at you Michael Herr’s Dispatches

So, let’s turn to each other for some solid recommendations, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

We’re looking for ideas from our amazing Univ family – academics, students, staff, OMs, friends – to help us put together a series of website features and social media posts with suggestions for hidden-gem films, unmissable mini-series, must-read book and perfect podcasts.

Please email your recommendations (it doesn’t have to be all four categories) to Justin.Bowyer@univ.ox.ac.uk along with a sentence or two on why you think we should watch, listen or read – plus your matric and subject, or job/academic title.

Published: 2 April 2020

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