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Univ’s Early Years Support Fund

Univ has a very special history of germinating great ideas – from the first endowed college to the Blavatnik School of Government, the Opportunity Programme and Beacon.

Equally, the Univ community is something very special and the support of our Old Members has meant that the Univ North development is progressing rapidly, with a breaking ground event now planned for the summer of 2022.

However, many organisations – including universities – are increasingly having to compete to both attract and retain the very best students, academics and staff. Many of these groups have young families, yet nursery places in Oxford are expensive, scarce and, frequently with long waiting lists.

The Univ North site will be landscape-driven, incorporating gardens, orchards, wildflower meadows and beehives. By building a nursery there, alongside flexible financial support for early years childcare, we will be creating an unrivalled community for all generations to live, work and study in; allowing them to focus their energies and make the most of their Univ experience.

But we need your help, particularly at the start of this endeavour.

With your support we can give the Univ community the resources to offer the very best academic and collegiate experience.

Details on how to make a gift, can be found here.

All gifts to the Early Years Support Fund will be considered by the College for recognition on the Univ North site. For full recognition FAQs please contact Development@univ.ox.ac.uk.

Please join us in helping the Univ community flourish, enabling and supporting academic excellence.

“The Univ North nursery is an exciting prospect and will be a much-needed new pillar of the College community. It will also help the College to attract and support graduate students, early career researchers and visiting fellows who have families and find access to childcare a serious barrier to pursuing their research at Univ.”
Dr Ben Jackson, Leslie Mitchell Tutorial Fellow in Modern History

“The family friendly environment and the people of Univ provided the most wonderful backdrop to our studies while living at Staverton. The new plan of building a nursery would be wonderful for both students and Fellows. It was the most memorable time as we obtained two DPhils and a Staverton Thesis baby. All these together make Univ a real second home.”
Physics DPhil Student and Swire scholar Professor Chien Jung Lo (2003, Physics)

Top image © Layn Marlow

Published: 10 November 2021

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