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Univ in the Master’s Garden

The Master's Garden at Univ“Univ in the Master’s Garden: Looking to the future” was held as a virtual event on Saturday 18 July 2020, at which members of the College looked to the future post-COVID-19 to tackle some of the challenges facing Univ, Oxford and the wider world. This was the last Univ event for Sir Ivor Crewe as Master of Univ, as he retires this year after twelve distinguished years in the role.

Introductions from our panelists can be viewed in the Video Introductions section below – these short videos were originally posted to attendees in the week leading up to Saturday 18 July.

Video Introductions

“Univ in the Master’s Garden: Looking to the future” was hosted by Professor Peter Jezzard, Vice Master, Professorial Fellow and Herbert Dunhill Professor of Neuroimaging.

If you prefer you may listen to, or download, the audio file of the event below.

Our thanks to our extraordinary panelists and to all those who attended and helped make this such a memorable afternoon.

Published: 7 August 2020

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