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Donor Recognition

Donor RecognitionIn University College, North Oxford, the College is embarking on an ambitious and transformational project. With sustainable and comfortable accommodation for undergraduate and graduates, multigenerational space, a café, gardens, and a gym, all located on a site strongly focussed around biodiversity, Univ is establishing a pioneering development. This project would not be possible, however, without the generous contributions of our Old Members and friends. For those who have already donated – thank you. We plan to recognise donors to the project both on some form of campaign board and, for those giving over £25,000, by naming an aspect of the site in their honour.

All donors who have given gifts of £2,000 or above towards the new site, fulfilled by 31 July 2026, will be eligible for inclusion on the donor board. The exact design and style of this board will be selected by Niall McLaughlin Architects, with the final decision on location and design made by the Univ North Working Party (UNWP), a body made up of Univ Fellows, Old Members and friends. This board, whatever its form, will exist as a permanent symbol of gratitude towards our benefactors.

Names will be listed chronologically by gift date, with the first entry being reserved for those making an anonymous gift. The format of these names will be first name, last name, and matriculation year. Alternatively, the name of the relevant foundation or charitable trust can be displayed without a matriculation year. If the donor would prefer, partners or families can be listed together. To allow room for longer names and organisations, there will be a character limit of 50 for each line on the donor board.

There are a range of additional recognition options for gifts in excess of £25,000. Donors can request and reserve such recognition if their pledge meets the aforementioned value and is fulfilled by 31 July 2026. For more information about these options, please see the Univ North microsite.

We welcome the recognition of past or present Univ Fellows or members of staff with a gift, whether on the donor board or in naming a building or other item on the site. Once the campaign is completed, in order to avoid duplicate naming, suitable recognition will be considered based on the accumulation of such requests.

From the original bequest of William of Durham, University College has been indebted to its Old Members and friends. We are committed to communicating our gratitude to all donors, past and present. The future proves to be an exciting time for the College; it is our donors who will take us there. For more information on making a gift to Univ North, please email development@univ.ox.ac.uk, or give here.

Published: 3 August 2020

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