Peter Jezzard

Peter Jezzard

Professorial Fellow; Herbert Dunhill Professor of Neuroimaging; Vice-Master

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My position is predominantly a research one, and so I do not teach undergraduates in the College. I also currently run a Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Imaging, and so undertake some graduate teaching as part of that role.


I trained as a physicist and then subsequently worked on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for my PhD studies. Since completing my PhD I have spent over two decades working on the development of MRI methodology and its application to biomedicine, firstly at the National Institutes of Health (USA), and since 1998 in Oxford. My focus is on the development of techniques to achieve quantitative functional and physiological measurements in the human brain, with a recent emphasis on applications in neurovascular disease. I served as President of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in 2013-2014.

Selected Publications

P. Jezzard, P.M. Matthews and S.M. Smith, “Functional MRI: An Introduction to Methods”, Oxford University Press, Oxford, (2001)

P. Jezzard, “Methodologies, Practicalities and Pitfalls in Functional MR Imaging” in “Clinical MR Neuroimaging, 2nd Edition”, Edited by J.H. Gillard, A.D. Waldman and P.B. Barker, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 156-167 (2010)

M.J. Donahue and P. Jezzard, “MR Perfusion Imaging in Neuroscience”, in “Clinical Perfusion MRI”, Edited by P.B. Barker, X. Gloay and G. Zaharchuk, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, in press (2012)

J. Near, J. Andersson, E. Maron, R. Mekle, R. Gruetter, P. Cowen and P. Jezzard, “Unedited in vivo Detection and Quantification of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid in the Occipital Cortex Using Short-TE MRS at 3 T”, NMR in Biomedicine, 26, 1353-1362 (2013)

T.W. Okell, M.A. Chappell, M.E. Kelly and P. Jezzard. “Cerebral Blood Flow Quantification using Vessel-Encoded Arterial Spin Labeling”, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 33, 1716-1724 (2013)

R. Frost, K.L. Miller, R.H. Tijssen, D.A. Porter and P. Jezzard, “3D Multi-slab diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI with real-time cardiac-reordered k-space acquisition.” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 72, 1565-1579 (2014)

L. Li, J.T. Chai, L. Biasiolli, M.D. Robson, R.P. Choudhury, A. Handa, J. Near and P. Jezzard, “Black-Blood Multi-Contrast Imaging of Carotid Arteries using DANTE-Prepared 2D and 3D MRI”. Radiology, 273, 560-569 (2014)

T.W. Okell, P. Schmitt, X. Bi, M.A. Chappell, R.H.N. Tijssen, F. Sheerin, K.L. Miller and P. Jezzard, “Optimization of 4D Vessel-Selective Arterial Spin Labelling Angiography using Balanced Steady-State Free Precession and Vessel-Encoding”, NMR in Biomedicine, 29, 776-786 (2016)

O. Viessmann, H.E. Moeller and P. Jezzard, “Cardiac Cycle-Induced EPI Time Series Fluctuations in the Brain: Their Temporal Shifts, Inflow Effects and T2* Fluctuations”, NeuroImage, 162, 93-105(2017)

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