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Univ couple engaged

Univ's James Grice (2004, MEng and DPhil) and Jen Thum (2010, MPhil)Congratulations to two of our former students who became engaged over the weekend in college!

James Grice (2004, MEng and DPhil) and Jen Thum (2010, MPhil) fell in love when they were studying at Univ. They met at lunch in Hall during Jen’s Fresher’s Week. Jen asked James about how she could begin coxing for UCBC, because he was a rower. Eventually they competed together in the M1 boat.

On Tuesday evening they returned to Univ to stay in the Blue Room (a gift from another old member, Dawn Berry) and they got engaged by the river.

Congratulations from everyone at Univ!

Published: 11 June 2014

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