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UCBC Michaelmas 2020

UCBC Michaelmas 2020

Alice Evans

On Sunday 1 November, University College Boat Club had their first rowing race in Oxford since March 2020. UCBC participated with a men’s IV+ and a women’s single.

Alice Evans (2018, Biomedical Sciences) raced in a single. She was the fastest rower among all the colleges. The Isis Winter League (IWL) is a series of head races run throughout Michaelmas and Hilary terms. The course runs from Donnington Bridge to the Cox Stone opposite Christ Church Meadows.

UCBC Michaelmas 2020

Men’s crew

The men’s crew was Andrew Bridger (2016, Chemistry) (stroke seat), Theodore Fawcett (2020, MSt American History) (3rd seat), Bernd Sturdza (2018, DPhil Physics) (2nd seat) and Peter Manshausen (2019, DPhil Physics) (box seat). Dr Nikolaos Kanellakis, Stipendiary Lecturer in Pathology, was the cox. The men’s boat finished at 5:39, ranking first in their category.

UCBC is coached by Jonathan Cheesman. You can follow @univbc on Twitter and Instagram.

Published: 12 November 2020

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