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Five new Professors

Five new professors

Professor Catherine Holmes at 1980-1983 Gaudy, Photo: Ian Wallman

Five Fellows of Univ have been awarded the title of Professor in the University’s latest Recognition of Distinction exercise.

The Recognition of Distinction exercise, which takes place annually, celebrates Oxford academics whose ongoing research record is characterised by a significant influence on their field of study, and is held to be of a high order of excellence and international standing. The exercise is always extremely competitive. In terms of research distinction, the quality and impact of the work of those granted the title of Professor is deemed to be at least equal to that expected of those appointed to full professorships at other leading international institutions.

William Allan Univ NewsDr William Allan, McConnell Laing Fellow and Praelector in Greek and Latin Language and Literature, has been awarded the title Professor of Greek. Professor William Allan was born and raised in Fife, Scotland. He studied Classics at Edinburgh University and taught at Harvard University before coming to Univ. He’s particularly interested in the literature and intellectual history of archaic and classical Greece.

Dr Michael Barnes, Fellow and Praelector in Physics, has been awarded the title Professor of Physics. Professor Michael Barnes tutors Mathematical Methods for Physicists to first and second year physics students at Univ, and lectures on complex numbers and ordinary differential equations for the Physics Department. His research is primarily aimed at understanding the often chaotic behaviour of ionized gas, called plasma, in the presence of magnetic fields.

Dr Catherine Holmes, A.D.M. Cox Old Members’ Fellow and Praelector in Medieval History, has been awarded the title Professor of Medieval History. Professor Catherine Holmes teaches a wide range of the survey courses and specialist options in medieval history. In his research she seeks to integrate the specialist field of Byzantine studies with the study of the history and culture of other regions of the medieval world. She has been one of the editors of The English Historical Review since 2011.

Five new professorsDr Polly Jones, Schrecker–Barbour Fellow in Slavonic and East-European Studies and Praelector in Russian, has been awarded the title Professor of Russian. Professor Polly Jones researches 20th century Russian literature and culture, especially that of the post-Stalin period (1953-91). Her tutorials and lectures cover a wide range of modern Russian literature and Russian language. She even acted as consultant to Armando Iannucci’s (1982, English) film The Death of Stalin.

Dr Joe Moshenska, Beaverbrook and Bouverie Fellow and Praelector in English, has been awarded the title Professor of English Literature. Professor Joe Moshenska arrived at Univ in April 2018 after teaching in Cambridge for eight years. Joe commented, “I’m thrilled to have become Professor of English Literature. Promotional decisions take into account research, teaching, and wider engagement with the academic culture in and beyond Oxford; since arriving at Univ I’ve felt encouraged and inspired by the College to be active on all of these fronts.”

Our warmest congratulations to our five newly-minted professors!

Published: 11 November 2020

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