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Travel Scholarship 2014

The following students are recipients of the Master’s Travel Scholarships in 2014. Many of these scholarships are made possible by the generous support of Univ’s Old Members.

Master’s Scholarships to Canada
Funded through gifts made by Canadian Old Members.
Aamira Khan (2012, Medicine)
Alex Morley (2012, Medicine)
George Woodward (2011, Chemistry)
Hayden Cooke (2011, History)

Master’s Scholarships to the USA
Funded through gifts made by Old Members in the USA.
Edward Beard (2011, Oriental Studies)
David Cowan (2012, History)
Yuqian Gan (2012, Geology)
Laura Ruxandu (2011, Law)
Shahbano Soomro (2012, PPE)
Helen Vigar (2011, Medicine)
Sebastian Wiseman (2012, Engineering)

David and Lois Sykes Scholarships to China
Funded through the gift of David (1963) and Lois Sykes.
David Astley (2011, Geology)
Catherine Laporte-Oshiro (2013, Oriental Studies)

Master’s Scholarships to China
Part of an exchange scheme with the Peking University Law School.
Chloe Hall (2012, Chemistry)
Hugo Lu (2013, PPE)

Roger Short Scholarships to Turkey
Funded through the Roger Short Memorial Fund.
Samvartika Bajpai (2012, History)
Odette Chalaby (2012, PPE)
Elizabeth German (2010, Chemistry)
Robert Natzler (2011, PPE)
Abigail Reeves (2012, Law)

Brewster Scholarships for travel in the UK
Funded through the generosity of an American Old Member and the late Mrs Kingman Brewster.
Kusha Baharlou (2012, Economics)
Eamon Byrne (2013, Medicine)
Jeffrey Hawke (2013, Engineering)
Amanda Rojek (2013, Life Sciences)
Evan Wilson (2011, History)

Published: 7 May 2014

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