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The Life of the Chalet des Anglais

The Chalet des Anglais in the sunDr Stephen Golding, Emeritus Professor and Chair of The Chalet Trust, has written Oxford University on Mont Blanc: The Life of the Chalet des Anglais, which will be published on 16 June.

The Chalet des Anglais on Mont Blanc, home to the longest-running university reading party, is a unique survivor from Victorian and Edwardian Oxford, established in 1891 and continuing today. The story of this remarkable institution has never previously been reported.

Oxford University on Mont Blanc: The Life of the Chalet des Anglais records the life of the reading parties and the notable personalities involved in them, including famous writers such as Evelyn Waugh, Rupert Brooke and John Betjeman and politicians such as Harold Macmillan and Lord Hailsham. It also explores the effects within the background of a collegiate university that this unique institution has had on the lives of those involved. The Chalet is a unique lens through which to understand what is meant by a collegiate university and also to illustrate the implications of close student-tutor relationships over the last century.

Tony Firth as one of the boys at Col de Tricot: (from left) Michael Hand, Mark Blythe, Nick Owen, Tony Firth, Miles Tuely.

Tony Firth (1952, History) as one of the boys at Col de Tricot: (from left) Michael Hand (1960, History), Mark Blythe (1961, Law), Nick Owen (1961, PPE), Tony Firth, Miles Tuely (1959, Law).

Professor Stephen Golding is the current Chair of The Chalet Trust. He received his medical degree from London University and, after training in surgery, he completed his residency in general radiology at Guy’s Hospital. He became senior research fellow to Professor Dame Janet Husband at the UK Institute of Cancer Research, to work on the then new technique of CT. His special interests at the institute included paediatric and head and neck tumours, and his main interest throughout his career has been oncology imaging. Professor Golding has also served as president of the British Institute of Radiology, the UK Congress of Radiology and the European Society of Head and Neck Radiology.

Those interested in more information or obtaining a copy of the book should contact Stephen at: Stephen.Golding@univ.ox.ac.uk.

You can find out more about Professor Golding’s book here. You can read more about the Chalet’s history here and watch talks about the Chalet by Professor Golding here.

Published: 22 March 2022

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