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Telethon 2021

Telethon helpers around table smiling

Jessica, Beatrice, Ayesha, John, Florence, Jamal, Adam, Radia, Tivona, Toni, Nina, Naomi, Chloe

Running the telethon is an exhilarating task. From the initial interviews, through to two intensive days of training, finding ourselves in a bustling office every night reaching out to OMs and friends of the College, and suddenly, to throw a spanner in the works, the government announces a work from the home mandate, forcing us to change tact completely and move everyone to virtual calling.
It has, no doubt, been quite a fast-paced thrill of a ride.

Jessica and Toni looking at Univ prospectus

Jessica and Toni

The best bit, hands down, has been the students. Their energy and enthusiasm have made the entire process rewarding, and a lot of fun. The calling sessions are always vibrant, one student even took the time to solve a physics problem for one of our OMs. The room went quiet while Nina, a third-year physics student picked up a whiteboard marker and began writing out the formula on the board, talking the OM through her working.

Radia and Chloe

Radia and Chloe

Other students have been thrilled to talk with OMs in fields of journalism, the military, politics and more, discussing possible career trajectories. A massive thanks to all of our OMs for taking the time to talk with our students.

We have one more week of calling to go, which sadly will be done remotely, but I hope that you will all have wonderful conversations with our winter calling team.

Natalie Matias, Development Coordinator

Published: 14 December 2021

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