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Nine Arches Press Primers finalist

Laura Varnham talking at the 40 Years of Women Garden PartyNine Arches Press have announced Laura Varnam as a finalist for Primers Volume Seven, as chosen by the selecting editor Katie Hale and Nine Arches Press editor Jane Commane.

Laura Varnam‘s poetry is inspired by the medieval texts that she teaches, especially the Old English epic Beowulf. Her poems have been published in journals including Bad Lilies, Banshee Lit, Berlin Lit, and Wet Grain; with creative-critical non-fiction in postmedieval and Annie Journal; and in Gods & Monsters: Mythological Poems (ed. Ana Sampson, illustr. Chris Riddell).

Laura will be mentored by the writer and poet who is the judge of the competition, Katie Hale, and the editor of the press, Jane Commane. A selection of her Grendel’s Mother poems from her Beowulf project will be published in Primers Volume 7 in August 2024.

Read “Grendel’s Mother addresses the Author”.

Published: 4 December 2023

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