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MPLS Teaching Awards

MPLS Teaching Awards Dr Patrick Rebeschini, Tutorial Fellow in Statistics, and Anna Bidgood (2015, NERC DTP Environmental Research) both received prizes for their teaching at the University’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division Summer Reception this year.

Dr Patrick Rebeschini has been awarded a 2019 MPLS Teaching Award for the design, development and teaching of a new course titled “Algorithmic Foundations of Learning” (AFoL), presenting recent trends in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a unifying framework.

In addition to being a Tutorial Fellow in Statistics at Univ, Dr Rebeschini is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at the University. His research intersects the areas of probability, statistics and computer science.

Anna Bidgood (2015, DPhil Earth Sciences) also received a 2019 MPLS teaching award for her dedication to, and talent for, giving high-quality tutorials in Petrology and for her field teaching. Her thesis is on the subduction and exhumation of the Tso Morari Complex (TMC) in Ladakh, India. She has previously won the BP prize for the best Master’s project in Earth Sciences at Oxford University, 2015 and the Mineralogical Society prize in 2014.

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