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Martlet Voices concert 2024

Six professionals and 11 student singers of Martlet Voices joined forces for a concert celebrating the English Madrigal. The music ranged over 700 years, starting with music by William Cornysh (died 1523) and finishing with 3 Jazz madrigals by young composer, Will Harmer from 2023!

The singers sat in a circle, recreating the old Tafelmusik style of consort singing (literally Table music) which allows for maximum communication between the performers. The concert was the culmination of a number of days’ work, discovering and rehearsing this music, much of which was unfamiliar to the students. In fact, not only was the music unfamiliar, the various styles needed for such music were also out of the comfort zone of most student singers. They rose to the challenge beautifully and gave a superb and committed performance.

The students were: Jocasta Bird, Emily Davis, Isabella Li-Yan-Hui, Zoe Shah, Georgia Dunn, Nora Mackay, Flora Wilson, Siobann Bouyer, Samuel Lam, Thomas Campbell and Nicholas Leung.

Thanks also go to the wonderful pro singers: Anna Crookes, Carys Lane, Lucy Ballard, James Oxley and Robert Rice, who shared their many years of experience with the students.

Giles Underwood, Director of Music

Published: 16 May 2024

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