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Lyra’s Life – Chapter 3

“Well!  Look who came to see me in the Lodge a couple of weeks ago (sorry, I’ve been so busy!) I have heard that we have a welfare dog, and I didn’t quite believe it but here she is! And on the whole she’s ok…

“She doesn’t enjoy quite the celebratory status that I do, but then she is only a dog.  She came just to see me and I can see we are going to be good friends. She likes cats, so clearly has good taste and I have decided to grace her with my patronage while it suits me to do so. Her name is Dot, Dotty to her friends like me (because I think she probably is a bit dotty like all dogs) and while she is bigger than me and annoyingly boisterous when she barges into my Lodge, she already understands that I am in charge. Of everything. Including Dave. And now including Kayleigh. Of course.

lyra and Dotty the dog in the lodge with the porters“But I was very pleased to see her. It gave me yet another opportunity to demonstrate my fearless feline catitude to my adoring public, who will just love the whole David/Goliath thing going on here.

“Oh, I know she’s a spaniel and soppy as they come, but she’s so big and I’m so little!  She said that Dotty’s own cat shares her basket. Imagine that, a big self-heating furry thing to cuddle up to on a cold night. Now perhaps a Univ dog might not be such a bad idea after all?  I wonder what Ms Valerie might say to that if I ask her very, very nicely…?

“Thank you to everyone who has come to see me for cuddles and even little supervised walks! This is all so much fun and now something called Christmas is apparently coming, which sounds super exciting…”

(Cat translation courtesy of Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar)

Published: 25 November 2021

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