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Lyra’s Life – Chapter 2

Lyra asleep on a keyboard

Here I am dreaming of a computer mouse

“Well, another really funny thing happened to me last week. I have been itching to tell you all about it, but she said I had to live quietly for a few days and not get over excited. I of course took no notice of her, jumped up onto the counter, ran around like a demented creature and led Dave in the Lodge a merry dance by hiding in the cupboard while he searched every inch of the quad with a torch in his hand and tears in his eyes (he does love me so).

“I had a lovely sleep until Hannah found me and spoiled my ruse. Anyway, I had to get back into the car, yes the awful Skoda again, but I did go to see my lovely friend Ms Eleanor! She’s so lovely to me. But imagine my surprise when she left me there. Well, it turned out I was on a sleep-over!

Lyra at the vets

With Ms Eleanor

“While I was there it was a good idea to make sure I was treated so that I couldn’t have any kittens. I don’t go out at the moment, but I might in future and I won’t always be a kitten myself so best to be safe. Ms Eleanor was very insistent that it was done early, before I was 16 weeks old. Many kittens are left too late and end up having kittens while they are still kittens themselves which is a really bad thing. It seems that because of this there are places where there are lots of unwanted cats! I don’t believe such places can exist can they?

Lyra in the Lodge with a student

I love getting cuddles at the Lodge!

“I’m so lucky to have all of the people at Univ and Ms Eleanor think of these things for me and keep me safe. I also had my microchip fitted so if I do get lost I can be found and taken home. After hiding in the cupboard I heard her ask the Head Porter to buy me a cat tracker. I suppose it will save Dave’s tears so I will agree, just this once.

“I’ve had such a lovely term so far at College and I’m sooooo happy to get all of the cuddles from students and staff. Apparently it will be something called Christmas soon, which sounds very, very exciting…”

(Cat translation courtesy of Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar)

Published: 9 November 2021

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