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Lyra’s Life – Chapter 1

“I have had such a busy week and I’m still getting used to being called by my new name ‘Lyra’, which I love! Thank you again to everyone who helped pick it.

“Lots of people have been popping in to see me at the Lodge, sorry if I was taking a little nap when you came in, but I do need my beauty sleep.

“On Tuesday a very important lady came to College, her name was Hillary Clinton; I don’t know who that is but I’m told that she’s the former United States First Lady and Secretary of State (I don’t know what any of those words mean!) Everyone was very excited though…

“On Wednesday I went on a really special adventure to the vets! Mrs Angela picked me up from the Lodge and took me in my basket for a ride in a car – I did want to take the nice blue Porsche from the Fellows’ Car Park and you can imagine how upset I was when we got into a grotty old Skoda. I gave her my disdainful look (I’m getting really very good at that; I’m practicing for when I am a big cat.)

Lyra with her vet Eleanor“Anyway, when we got there I met Ms Eleanor. She was lovely and she saw I had had a flea or two (I’m a little bit embarrassed), so I had something for that, and something for worms, which I honestly don’t think I have, but “better to be safe” they said. Now, just to be like all the students, I have had my vaccinations too! It didn’t hurt, because I’m a very brave cat!

“Ms Denise from the Treasury has set me up with a plan for the Vet, but I think I have Ms Venetia¹ to thank for giving me the spends for it.

“I do love my new Univ family. I am as happy and as lucky a kitten as could be. Ms Eleanor said so and she should know, she sees lots of cats!

“Nap time…”

(Cat translation courtesy of Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar)

¹”Ms Venetia” is our generous OM Venetia Welby (1999, Classics), who has helped fund Lyra’s life at Univ.

Published: 24 September 2021

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