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Getting ready for Gabriel

Gabriel Dress RehearsalAlthough the full production of Gabriel has been postponed to May 2022, Univ Players are staging extracts from Clare Bayley’s, Visitor in the Creative Arts, translation of the play as a site-specific, promenade performance around the College on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 June at 6pm, Saturday 26 June at 2pm and 4pm. Extracts from Gabriel will be directed by Nina Lewis (2019, English) with a student cast.

This performance is extracts from the play to give a taster for the full play which will be next year’s Garden Play. The play is Clare’s new version of George Sand’s 1839 play, Gabriel, never professionally performed because it was so ahead of its time and too radical in its view of gender politics for 19th century tastes.

Clare commented, “We have two wonderful cross-dressing casts who bring different insights into the themes of the play. The two Gabriels (Catty Tucker and Hari Bravery) are both funny and moving in different ways, and director Nina Lewis and I have had such fun watching the drama unfold. We want to assure audiences that despite the swordplay, no students were harmed in the making of this show.”

The Thursday and Friday performances are sold out but a few tickets are still available for the 4pm performance on Saturday. You find some photos from the dress rehearsal below.

Published: 23 June 2021

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