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Profile: Toni Ledda

Toni in pub garden

Toni Ledda (2019, PPE)

Toni, Welfare Rep, is in her second year studying PPE at Univ. She is also Deputy Editor of The Oxford Student and Women’s Officer at the Oxford University Labour Club. 

Why did you apply to Univ for PPE?
Univ had one of the biggest PPE cohorts, our year ended up having thirteen people in. A group this large has been really supportive both academically and personally. As a Labour supporter, the Labour politician alumni, Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson also made me want to study at Univ. Mostly so that now when people ask me if I’m doing the same as David Cameron I can deflect this accusation.

Toni at matriculation How have you changed since walking through Univ’s doors for the first time?
I feel more sure of myself and more confident in my abilities beyond academics. I’m more comfortable talking to different types of people, even if we don’t have a lot in common. Some of these conversations have been the most interesting and eye-opening.

Have you found being a Welfare Rep in a pandemic?
Being a welfare rep, especially in Hilary term which was completely online, has been really challenging. It has made us reconsider what welfare can mean and we’ve had to do a lot by trial and error to see what is the most helpful. We’ve managed to organise alpacas to come into college next week which I’m predicting will be a highlight.

Toni Ledda in HallHas anything about Univ surprised you?
I am grateful for the kinds of opportunities that have been available to me and how interesting I’ve found the talks that the College and societies put on, this isn’t something I had thought a lot about before coming. Also before coming to uni,  I was quite apprehensive about having to interact with posh people but this has actually not been as terrible as I thought — in fact, everyone has been really lovely.

What do you do outside your studies?
This term, I’ve been a deputy editor for the Oxford Student and women’s rep for Oxford University Labour Club. I’ve made mistakes but learned a lot in the process. As part of OULC, I organised a panel exploring how our criminal and judicial institutions have failings regarding gender-based violence and sexual assault. We had a challenging discussion which I found extremely valuable.

Toni playing saxophoneDo you have any favourite Univ moments?
Open mic nights and Master’s Lodgings concerts have been a part of college life that I’ve really enjoyed. Some performances are so amazing from people who you didn’t even know could play an instrument.

Describe Univ in three words.
Friendly, relaxed, welcoming

Published: 22 June 2021

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