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Fairfull: Deliciously positive

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Univ has partnered with Fairfull to offer food that’s better for everybody.

Univ grad, Elina, and Adam launched Fairfull in 2016 to create food that does good – we make products with flavours from around the world and use our profits to positively impact communities from where our recipes originate. University College was our first customer, with Head Chef, Rob Mercer, and Sous Chefs Paul Moloney and Matt Andrews, helping to make our first product as delicious as possible, and Domestic Bursar, Angela Unsworth, helping us grow to other colleges. We now supply to more than ten sites in Oxford.

University College Oxford Fairfull Feb 18Introducing new flavours to help refugees and victims of the crisis in Syria

For a while, we’ve been working on our second product – a baked chicken sambousek – which has Middle-Eastern inspirations, and from which we will use our profits to support refugees and victims of the crisis in Syria. A sambousek is like a Middl- Eastern samosa. Ours has a delicately spiced chicken filling in a crumbly pastry and is baked with a local spice blend, Za’tar, sprinkled on top. We developed the recipe with a professional chef with experience in Middle-Eastern cuisine, who currently works with chefs from refugee and migrant backgrounds in London.

Last week we produced our first large-scale run of this product and once again Univ’s awesome chefs have given us some excellent tips to make it taste even better. You can try out our new sambousek, and our samosa (if you haven’t already), in 7th week, where they will be side-by-side on Univ’s hot counter in the Buttery.

Head Chef, Rob Mercer, talks about his experience working with Fairfull:

“We started working with Fairfull from the beginning in 2016. After my initial meeting with Adam and Elina I was totally on board and wanted to help them where we could. To stock the products in our buttery for our students with the knowledge and belief in the bigger picture of what Fairfull are trying to achieve. It’s been a great journey seeing Fairfull grow from a very small operation, where everything was being made by themselves by hand, into where they are now, supplying multiple sites and having their products manufactured on a much larger scale. I wish them continued success and growth in the future.”

Fairfull is now raising funds to support growth into larger distributors, retailers and caterers across the UK. If you are interested to help, or know someone that might, please email co-founder Adam on Adam@fairfull.co.uk.

Find out more about Fairfull on our Univ in the Community page.

Website: fairfull.co.uk
Contact: hello@fairfull.co.uk
Social Media: Facebook – Twitter

Published: 7 February 2018

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