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European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant

Man smilingDr Patrick Rebeschini, Tutorial Fellow and Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics, has been awarded a 2022 European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant, worth €2 million.

Dr Patrick Rebeschini works on developing methodologies and theoretical foundations for large-scale learning problems. He intends to use the grant to look at a major challenge in machine learning: optimising statistical algorithms for Big Data so that they have minimal errors in accuracy but remain efficient to run.

Before coming to Univ, Dr Patrick Rebeschini was a Lecturer in the Computer Science department at Yale University and a Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale Institute for Network Science, hosted by Sekhar Tatikonda. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University, where he worked in probability theory under the supervision of Ramon van Handel.

He commented, “The ERC Consolidator Grant represents an exciting opportunity to pursue a multidisciplinary vision and uniquely position my research profile at the intersection of statistics, probability, and optimisation. I look forward to using it to achieve transformative impact, with downstream applications in many areas of machine learning.”

Published: 4 April 2023

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