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Devas – June 2017

Charity News - Devas

Univ is coming to Devas. At Devas we know John Dineen for a really close annual football match. But this Summer he is coming to Devas in a different guise. John is running a series of theatre workshops with a group of friends during the Devas Summer Programme in August. This is a first, and one which we hope will become a regular feature.

Thanks from North Korea, or a North Korean. Yong Sim is a North Korean refugee who is a member of Devas and been studying at Harris Westminster Sixth Form College. She joined us for the annual football match. Yong Sim has just been awarded a scholarship and is hoping to study medical sciences at St George’s before eventually becoming a doctor. She says that although she is not going to Oxford her visit to Univ earlier this year was one of the most inspirational days of her life. She was spurred on to achieve the results she needed despite only arriving in England in 2014 with no command of English at all. So. The impact of Univ has been considerable, though indirect. Many thanks from Devas, and Yong Sim.

Find out more about Devas by visiting devasclub.org or on our Univ in the Community page.

Published: 1 June 2017

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