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Devas – April 2017

Charity News - Devas

The prospect of the choir or musicians from Univ working with the studios at Devas, as has been suggested in the past, may have come closer to fruition. The studio has been re-configured to make it simpler for live musicians to work with the recording booth and the sound engineer. We also have a new mixing desk which makes it easier to integrate traditional analogue with digital.

We are close also to having our own radio station and running courses on radio production. The final part of the jigsaw will be a media suite with video facilities.

The studio has recently branched out from the more usual music to produce a recording of Brexit the Musical, now expanded and updated as Brexiteers The Musical. This is a revue created by a long term supporter of Devas, David Shirreff. Univ members may remember him from his time at Oriel, before a career in financial journalism which included being the Economist’s man in Germany.

Any Univ members, or their families, who would like to use the recording facilities would be very welcome.

Find out more about Devas by visiting devasclub.org or on our Univ in the Community page.

Published: 1 April 2017

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