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Co-Chair Elect of OULC

Co-Chair Elect of OULC

Euan (right) campaigning in Renfrewshire

Euan Huey (2018, History) has been elected Co-Chair Elect of Oxford University Labour Club (OULC). The position means that he, along with Lottie Sellers at Mansfield College, will be leading the Labour Club in Hilary term. Euan is also currently JCR President.

As OULC Co-Chair Euan will be in charge of organising all the term’s speakers and the John Smith Memorial Dinner, as well as liaising with the Oxford District Labour Party to organise campaign sessions, running social events and representing the club in the national student Labour Party forum.

Euan discussed how he got involved with the Labour Party: “I am from what was once a strong Labour heartland, Renfrewshire in Scotland. I saw it gradually go towards the SNP at every level throughout my teenage years and in that time they’ve let working families like mine down. I believe in a Labour government and what it can deliver.

“I got involved in OULC in my first term at Oxford and made great friends there, who shared the same sense of burning injustice, and the same passion and aspiration to create change. I knew I wanted to be involved in an organisation like it, and last term I was asked to consider running to be Co-Chair. I thought there was no better way to represent my community and my principles at Oxford than by standing to be the Co-Chair.”

Published: 11 November 2019

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