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Across Turkey 2014

Univ Lizzie German Travel ReportRoger Short Travel Scholarships Report – Lizzie German

Day 1-4: Istanbul
Got to grips with such a huge, busy city. Saw some beautiful mosques, the Aya Sofya and took a boat trip out to the Princes Islands!

Day 5: Izmir
Spent a day with the solar energy company Entegro -more about that in my report on renewable energy in Turkey.

Day 6-7: Selcuk
Visited the amazingly well- preserved ancient city of Ephesus. From the reconstructed building facades to the still-intact terracotta pipes you really got a sense of what it would have been like to live in the city!

Day 8-9: Pamukkale and Konya
Two fantastic days! I visited the white cliffs and mineral pools at Pamukkale. Then went on to Konya and saw the beautiful tomb of Rumi at the Mevlana Lodge museum, home of the whirling dervishes.

Day 10-11: Cappadocia
An incredible unique landscape! The bizarre beauty of the rock formations is made fascinating by the people who carved out their homes in them and sometimes retreated to underground cities for survival.

Day 12-15: Olympos
Staying in a hostel in the small village of Olympos on the South coast, we went kayaking, swimming, and walked up the Chimera mountain to see the gas flames that never go out.

Day 16-18: On board Ship
With the roads often poor round the south coast, travelling by boat was the best way to see many beautiful bays, Kas, Simena, and even some turtles!

View Lizzie’s visual Travel Report as PDF here

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Published: 15 November 2014

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